The SYO Tool is an online direct email marketing system on demand. It supports all basic functionalities of a normal email marketing system and on top of that there are some extra extensions build in. A central send option is one example of such a great feature.


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What are the key features of the Direct Email Marketing on Demand tool?

Easy to use

The Direct Email Marketing on Demand tool user interface is so intuitive that a first timer can easily find his way around. Within 5 minutes a personalised email can be send out to a large customer base.

Personalised email

The possibility to make an email more personal is standard in the Direct Email Marketing on Demand tool. With special tags every combination with the available data can be made and inserted at every position of the email.

Campaign management

the Direct Email Marketing on Demand tool is campaign based. Every campaigns represents an email and can be send out to a customer list. The campaign section shows a list of current available campaigns and filters out the ones that are obsolete to keep this really organised.

Real-time reporting

Every action is directly visible in the reporting section and this is called real-time reporting. Also the tracking statistics are real-time. Every open and click rate can be viewed in different kinds of integrated reporting.


the Direct Email Marketing on Demand tool is module based which makes it fully customizable. For example a specific report, which is not part of the already integrated reports, can be created as an SYO Tool extension.

Team player

Teams cann be added as users from the Direct Email Marketing on Demand tool which make it very easy to manage and creates very usefull reports.

Central send

One great feature of the Direct Email Marketing on Demand tool is the central send option. Based upon the team information and this combined with the customer information a personalised email is send out automatically to a bulk email list in name of the team member. This is all done without any interference of the team member.


To make the sending much more easier it is possible to import a customer base in the addressbook. The addressbook can be accessed when sending a campaign and a selection can be made. The email is then send out to the filtered list.